Handling Your Inner Critic

“I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it… I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:13-14

Have you noticed no matter how hard you try, a little voice inside you finds fault? Sometimes it sounds like your own, or it may be the voice of someone impossible to please. You must learn how to handle that negative commentary, or it will drain the joy out of your present and plant spikes under every step in your future. You are daily aware of how far short you fall from God’s standard, and that keeps you humble, but the condemnation part has nothing to do with Him. Growth is what is pleasing to the Lord! No, you’re not as far along as you’d like to be (who is?) but if you have moved forward and improved in any way, God is pleased with you.

Don’t get the idea that Jesus saved you from Hell, but the rest is up to you. This is not about acquiring a holy hernia trying to please God. Jesus did the heavy lifting at the cross. Like a steroid, His Holy Spirit empowers you to accomplish what you never could without Him. The approval you want from God is already there, but the pleasure of God is a daily cultivation; not a giant beanstalk that sprouts overnight. Perfectionism will tell you otherwise, but don’t you believe it! Spiritual laziness is the other extreme, it’s a liar too. The balance is not easy to find, but it’s address is always at the feet of Jesus where He’ll center you while communing with you, but never chide you.

If God were to visibly mark the trail your life has taken, it would not be a straight line. No, there would be detours and backtracks, places you skipped and spots you stayed in too long. It’s ok. He offers forgiveness, and He grades on how many times you recalculated and got back on track. It looks sloppy on a map, but if you’re moving toward Him instead of away, then it’s sloppy beautiful. Gag that inner critic with this truth: Good and faithful servants aren’t flawless ones nor do they aim to hear “Perfectly done,” but “Well done.”

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Welcome to Encouragement Outpost! My name is Dr. Georgia Pointer, a Christian writer who loves encouraging people in their relationship with Christ. I am a survivor of childhood rape and molestation, bullying, and emotional abuse. Negative thought patterns plagued me for many years until I learned to allow Christ and His Word to encourage and transform those thoughts. This background provides me with a passion to offer the same encouragement to anyone, not just abuse survivors, with the light of biblical truth that shines against the darkness of negativity, lies of the enemy, and daily struggles in living for Christ. I am a seminary graduate with a Masters in Christian Education. I also recently received my doctorate in Christian Counseling with a specialty in Family and Substance Abuse counseling. I served on staff for six years as a counselor at Moriah House of the Memphis Union Mission. I love the Word of God! I love studying it, teaching it, and speaking in public about it any chance I get. This blog, which I post about once a week, is my venue to share insights I glean. So, I invite you to subscribe to receive my weekly posts in your email and to share these posts with anyone you think might be encouraged by them.

7 thoughts on “Handling Your Inner Critic

  1. Balance…. You are right, not always easy to get or to maintain. I think we as women, may struggle with those voices in our head more than men. Some days they motivate, other days they condemn. Grateful for the everlasting love of God who has completed a good work in me.

  2. So very true and a good reminder. I rhink we sometimes forget who we are because we focus too much on what we do, and don’t do. Scriprure rells us that we are His Righteous daughters…period. Its enough for Him and its high time it became enough for us.

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