The Fight With Fear

“Fight the good fight of faith…” 1Timothy 6:12

Every time you start making important changes, Fear loud-talks you, hoping you will retreat to the old familiar territory where nothing ever changes but your age. She is always telling you why something won’t work, why it’s too soon or too late, or that you need to be more realistic. She taunts, “Who do you think you are?” How long has she kept you stuck already? Aren’t you tired of it?

What are you going to do about it?

How about you call Fear’s bluff? Stop letting her do all the talking, and YOU tell HER how it’s going to be from now on. She says you will fail if you try. Why not tell her you prefer risking failure while trying than failing by way of negligence? (Besides, you never fail when you dare to try. Even if you don’t reach your goal, you learn something, gain valuable experience, and best of all, you receive the automatic reward of knowing you defied Fear and forged ahead anyway. That, My Friend, is powerful!)

Be rude to Fear, interrupting her while she’s still talking. Ask, “Why are you working so hard to keep me here? What benefits don’t you want me to reap? Which one of God’s promises are you hoping I won’t see fulfilled?” Fear has an ugly agenda, and you can’t trust her.

Fear does her best work when you are alone or tired. She never fights fair. Determine to never make a decision based on anything she says in those vulnerable moments. Fear is a pushy drama queen who thinks everything must happen now or the world will end. Then when you make rash decisions, she’s the first to call you a fool. To fight her, you need reinforcements. Call a friend, journal, ask God to give you His perspective and to unveil the lies Fear is telling in those moments.

In Christ, you are an overcomer, an overwhelming conqueror (Romans 8:37). This gives you the right to slap Fear in the mouth with the truth, kick her with the cleats of courage, and gouge her agenda with faith. You can win the fight with Fear!

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Welcome to Encouragement Outpost! My name is Dr. Georgia Pointer, a Christian writer who loves encouraging people in their relationship with Christ. I am a survivor of childhood rape and molestation, bullying, and emotional abuse. Negative thought patterns plagued me for many years until I learned to allow Christ and His Word to encourage and transform those thoughts. This background provides me with a passion to offer the same encouragement to anyone, not just abuse survivors, with the light of biblical truth that shines against the darkness of negativity, lies of the enemy, and daily struggles in living for Christ. I am a seminary graduate with a Masters in Christian Education. I also recently received my doctorate in Christian Counseling with a specialty in Family and Substance Abuse counseling. I served on staff for six years as a counselor at Moriah House of the Memphis Union Mission. I love the Word of God! I love studying it, teaching it, and speaking in public about it any chance I get. This blog, which I post about once a week, is my venue to share insights I glean. So, I invite you to subscribe to receive my weekly posts in your email and to share these posts with anyone you think might be encouraged by them.

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