Speak the Truth

“Let us tell our neighbors the truth, for we are all parts of the same body.” Ephesians 4:25 (NLT)

My Friends, do not be afraid to speak the truth. What good does it do to know the truth if we are too afraid to tell it? So many try to travel on opposite sides at the same time by saying things like, “Well, God says we are to do this and such, but you do what is best for you.” Truth alert: Whatever God says to do IS what is best! When we become so timid about telling people what the Lord said plus nothing, we are practically endorsing the very thing He opposes! We are called to be salt and light. Salt enhances the flavor of things and light pushes out the darkness. Does that sound like the affect YOU are having on your watch?

Speak the truth in love with gentleness and respect, but speak it! Let us divorce our desire to be well-liked and instead marry the determination to be loyal to the Lord and His Word no matter what.

Today I encourage you to ask the Lord to search your heart and de-bug it of people pleasing, fear of rejection, and loyalty to our own reputation at the expense of truth. Ask Him for courage when the temptation to be silent at the wrong time is strong. Ask Him to help you be bold enough to speak the truth.

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Welcome to Encouragement Outpost! My name is Dr. Georgia Pointer, a Christian writer who loves encouraging people in their relationship with Christ. I am a survivor of childhood rape and molestation, bullying, and emotional abuse. Negative thought patterns plagued me for many years until I learned to allow Christ and His Word to encourage and transform those thoughts. This background provides me with a passion to offer the same encouragement to anyone, not just abuse survivors, with the light of biblical truth that shines against the darkness of negativity, lies of the enemy, and daily struggles in living for Christ. I am a seminary graduate with a Masters in Christian Education. I also recently received my doctorate in Christian Counseling with a specialty in Family and Substance Abuse counseling. I served on staff for six years as a counselor at Moriah House of the Memphis Union Mission. I love the Word of God! I love studying it, teaching it, and speaking in public about it any chance I get. This blog, which I post about once a week, is my venue to share insights I glean. So, I invite you to subscribe to receive my weekly posts in your email and to share these posts with anyone you think might be encouraged by them.

2 thoughts on “Speak the Truth

  1. Thank you, Georgia. I miss you, my friend. Your wisdom is always shared just when I need it most.
    Truth comes from the wisdom we receive when asked. That’s a promise! It grieves my soul seeing the amount of compromise and division in our world. God’s WORD, His wisdom leaves no room for compromise, for abortion, for racism in any form. He commands us to love period! He commands us to share that love through the Gospel, period!

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