Encouragement for Your Journey

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“And let us run with perseverance(B)the race marked out for us,” Hebrews 12:1c (NIV)

I know that growth and change are hard, my friend. I know some days you wonder if you will make it, and you may even wish you had not started. In those moments, remind yourself what put you on this journey in the first place. What dire or unpleasant circumstance were you experiencing that made you know something had to change? It is easy to forget when growing is painful that the pain of not growing is a thing too! Ask God to help you if the temptation to quit is threatening to send you retreating back to old ways. Nothing good is waiting for you back there. You have wasted enough time doing the same old things and getting worse results. You have come farther than you think, and your reward is closer than you know.

You are trying to build a better existence for yourself and the people who love you. Do not let them down after coming so far. Don’t let yourself down. I promise your hard work will be worth it. Ask God for the strength you need. Renew your mind. Take the next step forward even if it’s a tiny one. Then do it again until you are in that zone where champions live. This is a zone where quitting sounds ridiculous, and the only thing you see is momentum. No one can do this for you, my friend. You have a Helper Who loves you more than you can wrap your mind around. He offers you His strength. Take it and stay in the race.

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Welcome to Encouragement Outpost! My name is Dr. Georgia Pointer, a Christian writer who loves encouraging people in their relationship with Christ. I am a survivor of childhood rape and molestation, bullying, and emotional abuse. Negative thought patterns plagued me for many years until I learned to allow Christ and His Word to encourage and transform those thoughts. This background provides me with a passion to offer the same encouragement to anyone, not just abuse survivors, with the light of biblical truth that shines against the darkness of negativity, lies of the enemy, and daily struggles in living for Christ. I am a seminary graduate with a Masters in Christian Education. I also recently received my doctorate in Christian Counseling with a specialty in Family and Substance Abuse counseling. I served on staff for six years as a counselor at Moriah House of the Memphis Union Mission. I love the Word of God! I love studying it, teaching it, and speaking in public about it any chance I get. This blog, which I post about once a week, is my venue to share insights I glean. So, I invite you to subscribe to receive my weekly posts in your email and to share these posts with anyone you think might be encouraged by them.

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