Stop the Madness

Phyto by Jane Morris

“The secret things belong to the LORD our God.”Deuteronomy 29:29

My dear friend, it is time to stop asking “why?”. Why did tragedy come to your doorstep? Why did you suffer loss? What did you do to deserve the violation of your rights, your innocence, or your security? It is natural to wonder why hard things happen, but you cannot hold your spiritual well-being hostage waiting to get answers. Even if you knew the answers, they would not lessen your pain one bit. Let it be enough that God wants to heal your pain. Fill the rest of your days with gratitude that you survived and choose to thrive! Spend your days drinking deeply of the healing He endured so much for you to have. Life is short, and God has a lot of good for you to do. Belaboring the “why” questions is draining energy God intended you to burn loving and serving and giving and worshiping.

You have all of eternity to ask all of the hard questions, my friend, but you only have this one lifetime to fulfill your calling. Stop reliving the past. Stop regretting it too. Claim the healing and forgiveness that are your birthright as a daughter of God. It’s time to walk in freedom. Rejoice in everyday miracles and stop the torturing madness of asking why.